$77.00 USD

Coloring for Calm, Clarity and Connection April 2023

Friday, April 14 from 10 am - 2 pm Pacific Time via Zoom

During this live ½ day live virtual retreat, you will:

1. Learn an EASY APPROACH TO DRAWING that can reprogram your brain to be calm, clear and connected to your higher guidance, while having fun!

2. Experience guided COLORING MEDITATIONS that help you to CLEAR PAST BLOCKS that have kept you from creative freedom.

2. Discover a COSMIC MANIFESTING PROCESS that literally draws from the power of the unconscious mind.

3. Transcend the Inner Critic to allow your INNER CREATIVE GENIUS  to come out and play in and environment of encouragement and acceptance.

4. Discover your most powerful TRIBE-ATTRACTING COLOR PALETTE to use in your marketing

5. Enjoy all of the REPLAY RECORDINGS afterward so you can continue to explore these magical creative processes time and again.

And THE BEST PART is that we get to be together and share our exploration with others of like-mind and heart who are on a similar journey. And who knows, maybe you will create a little masterpiece while we’re together that you can share with others and hang on your wall as a reminder.

BONUS: 100 Coloring Mandalas that you can print out and use over and over to achieve calm no matter what's going on in the world. ~ Value $50

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What People Are Saying:

"When I registered into the coloring program, I instantly got access to 100 coloring mandalas, and I've created over 200 mandalas (some more than once!) in the last year because it was so stressful. Those were worth the cost of the program alone. They really helped me remain centered and calm."

Julie King